Dental Research - Teeth Jewelry

The tooth is cleaned with a fluoride-free polishing paste.

To roughen the surface of the tooth it's etched on. Bonding and a small amount of light curing composite are applied.

The jewel is set into the composite and aligned within 20 sec.

A high-intensity curing lamp is used to harden the composite for approximately 60 seconds.

After about 4 minutes total is the jewel safely affixed.

For re-mineralization the enamel may be treated with fluoride.

Removing Tooth Jewelry

The jewel is removed the same way as an orthodontic bracket is and the enamel will not be harmed. After your dentist removed the gem, the tooth needs to be polished, which takes away any remaining bonding materials.

Bonding Instructions for Dental Professionals

Please note that proper attachment of the tooth jewelry is only guaranteed if you follow these recommendations.

Use a light cured, transparent, flowable composite for application (such as VOCO Fissurit or Syntac Tetric-Flow).

  1. Disinfect the jewel in alcohol prior to the application. Do not touch the jewel with your fingers once it's removed from the case. To guarantee maximum adhesiveness, it is essential to avoid skin contact with the special coating on the backside of the jewel.
  2. Clean the surface of the tooth with a fluoride-free polishing paste. Completely dry and isolate the tooth.
  3. Apply Etchant to the enamel for about 30 sec.
  4. Rinse surface thoroughly with water and blow dry for 10 sec. each. (No Etchant should remain on the tooth!) Please follow protective measures when using the Etchant.
  5. Apply a light-curing bonding agent. Leave it on for a max. of 10 seconds, distribute bonding through air blowing, then light-cure for 20 sec.
  6. Apply a small amount of flow composite to the surface of the tooth. Use a Jewel Handler (or a flat composite condenser/plugger with a tiny bit of Vaseline on the end) to easily pick up the jewel. Press it into the center of the composite. (The composite must ooze on the sides so it is encircled by the Composite ensuring macromechanical retention, but make certain the jewel is in contact with the enamel.)
  7. Now you may adjust the jewel while letting the patient check the desired positioning in the mirror.
  8. Take the light-curing lamp and start hardening the composite from the top for about 60 seconds. Light cure from the sides for a few seconds and also harden the composite from the back of the tooth for another 60 seconds making sure the composite hardens evenly. Total curing time is approximately 180 seconds. (Follow instructions of the bonding-system you are using!)
  9. You may carefully polish any sharp edges of the composite with a rubber point if needed.

If you have any further questions we will be happy to hear from you!

Removing the jewel

Use a scaler or a rubber polisher when removing the stone. In case of leftover bonding or composite on the tooth, simply remove it by using a polishing tool. It is recommended to treat the tooth with fluoride, so remineralisation and stabilization of the enamel is provided.

Disclaimer: DecoDent is not responsible for any injuries that may result from bonding, use or removal of the Tooth Jewelry.
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